Aug 31, 2013

From Christ to Constantine

Recently I had the opportunity to work on a documentary mini-series, "From Christ to Constantine," with composer Joseph Julian Gonzalez.  I was the Music Programmer and Additional Orchestrator for the project.  I got the gig from my friend Joel Clarkson, a friend of mine from Berklee College of Music.  Joel has been the orchestrator for Joseph for a couple projects now.  For this particular documentary, the music production had to be finished in just one month, so they added me on, because there was no way they could do it alone.  It was a fun collaboration, and a fast paced one!  We had to finish 4 1/2 hours of music in just 4 weeks.  We even added my friend and roommate Akhil to the team for the last week because of the amount of work.  But we finally finished, and I am ready to take on more film scoring projects full force!

Here's a screen shot from the documentary of a statue of Constantine: