Oct 29, 2012

Short Animated Films

This summer, I had the opportunity to collaborate simultaneously with two Savannah College of Art and Design students who happened to be roommates.  They were both working on short animated films, and coincidentally, they both involved a female character going into a cave.

This first one, "Vow," was made by Bridget Underwood.  It's about how far someone is willing to go for revenge and it's repercussions.  "Vow" is starting to get a lot of hits on Vimeo right now.  It has close to 100,000 views!  It also just made it into the Anchorage International Film Festival!  Here is the Youtube link.  Hope you enjoy it!

For more information about Bridget Underwood and what she's up to, go here: http://www.bridgetunderwood.com/

The second film that I worked on, "Illuminate," was made by Lauren Duda.  It's about a girl discovering a hidden cave and what she finds inside.  It was so much fun to work on this project because my roommate at the time, Andrew Cousineau, did all the sound design for the film.  Here's the Vimeo link to "Illuminate":

You can also see what Lauren Duda is doing here:

I learned a lot from these two projects.  They were both under five minutes, so every second of scoring was important.  I really had to hone in on perfecting the music and getting the feeling of the story completely correct.  I'm really proud of the end product for both of these films.  I feel lucky to have worked with such talented and friendly people.